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Certified Executive Coach in Mumbai, India

Hitesh Porwal, founder and CEO of WealthPal, is a Certified Executive Coach based out of Mumbai, India. Only I can change my life…..with this belief Hitesh altered his path from a Managing Director in a top hedge fund multinational to a public domain profile of an Executive Coach. Leading by example and staying ahead of the game have been the hallmark of his 20 years of corporate leadership journey.

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is aimed at drawing out and leveraging an executive’s peak potential, and subsequently, aligning with the collective corporate vision of a company, in a bid to generate and deliver superior value.

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Business Coaching

A successful business is never a result of stroke of luck; ask the owner of a successful business and you’ll hear passionate stories of entrepreneurship, painful planning, risk-taking, strategizing, failure and persistence.

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Career Transition Coaching

Career transition coaching helps you in identifying your uniqueness, understanding your aspirations and thereafter aligning both your uniqueness and aspirations with relevant career options.

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The question proposed above is very similar to asking why we need a GPS system in our cars to navigate to our desired destination.

We all want to live a life we dream of and having a successful career and achieving financial freedom are two of the most important contributors towards fulfilling that dream.

The way you are leading your life at present is a reflection of everything that you already know. Your knowledge, your intelligence and your hard work has been realized into your current situation. If there was anything else that you could have learnt and done differently to improve your current situation, in all probability you would have already tried that out.

In Einstein’s words, “Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results.” To elaborate further, unless your current challenges are examined with fresh perspective every time you encounter them, you cannot create substantially different results. There has to be NEWER INSIGHTS to understand what could possibly be stopping you from achieving the desired success and financial freedom. You may not be able to overcome these challenges on your own because there are facets of your life that you know nothing about. If you had been aware of those areas, which I call blind spots (“blind spots” does not have a negative connotation; everyone has blind spots), you would have already worked on them and achieved the outcome that you desire.

To identify these blind spots, you need a certified coach and with his/her assistance your journey towards success will become unstoppable. A coach helps you:

  1. Gain new insights into why your current situation may not be favourable for you.
  2. They help you save, say 5 years of your precious career time that you would otherwise have wasted in identifying the problem through trial and error.
  3. Gain clarity and confidence in choosing a career or approach that might help you achieve success and financial freedom.
  4. Evaluate and understand your current situation and assist you in getting where you want to reach. In other words, a certified coach is like the GPS system, which shows you the shortest and fastest path to your destination.
  5. Reevaluate possibilities that you may have written off based on your past experiences and beliefs. These reevaluated possibilities will then become real and achievable.

At present, most of us fill the gap of a certified personal coach with our parents, relatives and friends. There is nothing wrong in doing that, only if the advice is coming from someone who has personally navigated through a similar transition successfully, and is trained enough to guide others to realize their full potential.

Choose wisely who you take advice from because the person giving you advice may have acquired it from his or her parents. Hence, what comes down to you may ultimately be backdated and a couple of generations stale. On complicated yet important life events like career transition, business success coaching, discovering one’s true passion, personal transformation and the likes, a certified coach can really help you skip 2-5 years of struggle which you otherwise would have to go through if you try figuring it out on your own or on the advice of someone who is himself or herself not competent enough. This could make a difference as big as leading a successful vs. a mediocre life.

I often witness parents in my housing society suggesting their teenage sons and daughters, who have recently joined their family business, to play safe. These parents condition them into believing that suffering financial loss is a sin even if it could be important in teaching them valuable life-changing lessons. In most cases, these teenagers start feeling chocked and restricted because they never get to taste failure and consequently never feel a sense of achievement and self-worth in their career. They are advised against taking even optimal business risk. In extreme cases, such teenagers turn into either vegetables or rebellions.

Similar is the case in the corporate world. Parents of corporate employees seldom encourage their sons and daughters to take risks while making a job change or career change. The default advice is ‘be careful and conservative’. We all respect our parents, family and friends but respect and expertise are not to be confused with, especially when it comes to dealing with sensitive career issues and running a successful business.

Are you using the latest and correct GPS system? Else you may reach your destination after the party is over!

Most of the principles of leadership and sound management are already out there and known by most professionals and corporates; but the key lies in embracing and implementing those principles to make a difference in one’s life, career or organization. A certified executive coach can help in that effort. Certified executive coaching in India is currently new, but it is definitely growing as organizations and individuals see its potential in shaving off precious months/years in achieving one’s personal or corporate goals.

WealthPal, provides executive coaching in India. Hitesh Porwal is a certified executive coach based out of Mumbai.

Wealth coaching is a process of unlocking a person’s wealth earning potential so that they are able to perform at their peak potential to earn wealth. A good wealth coach believes that individuals always have the answer to their own problems. They just need help to unearth the answer and thereafter take concrete action.

The term ‘wealth coaching’ is often used loosely to include wealth management. But it is important to understand the difference in the role of a wealth manager vs. a wealth coach.

Wealth Manager:

Wealth Managers primarily focus on financial planning and investments. They help clients generate optimal returns on their savings commensurate with their risk-appetite. The underlying assumption is that clients already have some savings, but they may be either too busy or unaware of the various investment options and asset allocation best practices to generate decent return on their savings. Wealth Managers (or wealth management coaches) specialize in defining the risk appetite of their clients, understanding their financial objectives and accordingly suggesting asset allocation decisions to achieve their financial objectives. Financial planning and maximising returns on clients’ investments are the two primary objectives of wealth management coaches. These coaches are more popularly called wealth managers or financial planners.

Wealth Coach:

Wealth Coaches primarily focus on people who are struggling to earn wealth. They specialize in understanding the internal and external money blueprint of people so that they could coach them to unlock their wealth potential. They strongly believe that wealth creation is a science and if one has the right mind-set and takes right-action in the economic marketplace, one can earn the wealth that one desires. Their extensive study of different people who struggled their way up to wealth, understanding of successful business models, career transition challenges, coupled with their own personal experience either in business or corporate world provides them with enough case studies that could be correlated with their client’s stories.

Wealth Coaching in India:

Wealth coaching in India is often confused with wealth management. This is really unfortunate because more people in India today need pure ‘wealth coaching’ i.e. how to unlock their wealth earning potential rather than ‘wealth management’. More than 70% of India’s wealth is currently concentrated in the hands of the top 10% wealthy Indians and this inequality is further increasing. In fact, in 2017 alone, 73% of incremental wealth created in India went to the top 1% wealthy Indians as per a study by Oxfam India. (

Once people start understanding the difference between ‘wealth coaching’ and ‘wealth management’ and see the value brought in by a wealth coach, wealth coaching in India has a huge potential in making a difference in people’s lives. The number of certified wealth coaches in Mumbai or for that matter certified wealth coaches in India is currently insignificant but expected to grow in future.

With this backdrop, it is important to know that WealthPal specializes in ‘Wealth Coaching’. Hitesh Porwal is a certified wealth coach based out of Mumbai. He provides personal wealth coaching face to face and also remotely on phone or using other audio-video technologies.

A wealth coach is a specialist who understands your wealth personality. A wealth coach asks questions, challenge assumptions, and provides clarity which helps you identify your abundance blocks and blind spots that may be preventing you from earning wealth that you desire in your life. A wealth coach helps you relate your blind spots to your current job or business so that you understand why you are getting stuck on the path to earning wealth. A wealth coach establishes focused goals, helps you define action steps to achieve each focused goal, and makes you accountable for achieving your goals. In summary, he helps you realize your full potential to earn wealth.

A good wealth coach is often certified by ICF (International Coach Federation). Wealth coaching in Mumbai, or for that matter wealth coaching in India is currently at a nascent stage. The number of certified wealth coaches is really insignificant. However, as people become more aware of the value brought in by certified wealth coaches, the wealth coaching industry in India is expected to explode.

An executive coach is a qualified professional who focuses on improving your performance as a manager or leader. He helps you go from where you are to where you want to be. The demands of modern day business generally overwhelm an executive. Since failure is not an option, the executive hires a coach, same way as a professional athlete hires a sports coach. A coach ensures you meet your commitments, reminds you to be accountable for each milestone, and ensures you stay out of your own way. And all this is done in real-time environment as an executive can’t afford to take time off from his busy schedule to join a self-development course.

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Success Stories

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Suhail Bajaj, Partner at Bright Brain Marketing Technologies

I have been curious about the impact of having an executive coach by one's side ever since I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey a few years ago. When someone shared some of Hitesh's content on Linkedin with me, I decided to get in touch and find out for myself - and I'm glad I did!

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Capt. Naresh Kumar, General Manager – Marine, Ace Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.

After 18 years on ship, followed by another 3 years in a marine crew operations, stagnancy had started to set in. I was unable to arrive at a career that could give me an opportunity to grow, both personally and professionally. There was no solution in sight.

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Nikhil Singhal, Chartered Accountant, Entrepreneur, Ex-Business Finance

I was in the midst of a very crucial point in my professional career. After rich experience in one of the top listed corporate in Mumbai, I was contemplating if I really wanted to continue in the corporate world, or pursue my entrepreneurial passion.

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