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WealthPal | Bringing the science back into your finances

Welcome to an unprecedented way of integrating multiple disciplines with a singular objective – to help you discover your wealth earning potential.

Earning wealth is a science that involves a set of principles. If one adheres to the principles, wealth is guaranteed.

This is the dominant philosophy that has formed the core premise of WealthPal. To not settle for anything and aim for a little extra has always been the propeller behind everything one does. It is this attitude to life that forms the cornerstone to many a motivation theory proposed by yesteryear’s wise men.

The desire to earn a little more and increase your wealth trove is then not only just, but stands on scientific ground as well. This would automatically translate to finding out the means to increase your earnings, and subsequently wealth, over a period of time.

Besides, the prevalent education system in the country has a gaping hole right now, with only the technical and theoretical elements of academics being the cynosure of all schools and institutions. This, in spite of the fact that it’s ultimately wealth creation and the means to achieve complete financial independence being the ‘be-all and end-all’ of every vocation.

This is where WealthPal fills in the gap; the gap between the means and the end.

There has been an age old adage, “If you have the desire for something, you also have the potential in yourself to achieve that.” WealthPal helps you discover your true wealth amassing potential.

WealthPal uses a multi-disciplinary approach to wealth creation, borrowing principles from quantum physics, mental science, psychology, behavioral finances and its proprietary P2A2 (Passion, Problem, Attitude, Action) methodology. Further, the firm deploys the 5 Dimensional Laws of Compensation to arrive at the income that a corporate employee, business/entrepreneur, senior executive and a college graduate should possess, considering the current economic scenario in the country.

WealthPal guides you to financial freedom by identifying probable blind spots with the help of scientific tools and prior studies on the habits of successful people to decode their secrets to wealth creation.

Trolltunga, Norway

Mr. Hitesh Porwal, founder and CEO of WealthPal, is a wealth coach, author, success expert and entrepreneur who specializes in ‘Principles of Wealth Creation’ and ‘Laws of Compensation’, the two primary postulates that determine one’s income. A Certified Wealth Coach (CWC) and a Certified Executive Coach (CEC), Hitesh believes that through unlocking one’s real earning potential and honing the innate abilities, he/she would be able to transform the relationship with money, and wealth in general.

He started his career with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in 1998 and had later gone on to join a start-up where he had helped the company grow mercurially from only 25 to more than 2000 employees. Besides having handled operations for a number of multibillion-dollar hedge funds and asset management clients over his 20-year career, Hitesh has also conducted public workshops and training sessions on topics ranging across Wealth Creation for Entrepreneurs, Success Mantras for Small Businesses, Self-Belief and Success, Career Transition, Valuation of Complex Assets, Passion and Wealth, Corporate Vision and Mission, Index Construction, Exchange Traded Funds, Passive Investing vs. Active Investing, Operational Risk, Global Financial Frauds, Product Innovation, Financial Best Practices and more.

During his initial days, Hitesh conducted nation-wide Investor Awareness Programs. He has visited a number of stock exchanges, including the NYSE, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, AMEX, Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and attended multiple conferences in the United States, Spain, Netherlands and London to study about the best practices in the securities market and introducing them to the Indian capital markets. Some of them include moving the SENSEX to free-float from full-market capitalization and launching the first Exchange Traded Fund on SENSEX.

Having professionally mentored hundreds of people, he sees coaching as a symbiosis, one that should ideally be directed at aligning one’s life, career and personal goals, consistently. His interest in the field of wealth creation led him to quit his job as the Managing Director at a Nasdaq-listed top hedge fund administrator.

His articles have been published in some of the leading national financial dailies and magazines. Besides having been interviewed by CNBC and Zee, he has also been invited as a guest speaker at various varsities, including management institutes such as IIM, Jamnalal Bajaj and BITS.

Hitesh was born in Jodhpur in 1973. He holds an MBA (Finance) degree from Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur, MS (Finance) from ICFAI and is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) from ISACA. He was a gold medallist in the Senior Higher Secondary examinations in Rajasthan.

Hitesh runs and manages a charity for the poor and blind in Mumbai, having counselled more than 2800 blind people and helped them start their own business.

To positively impact the lives of a million by 2022 -- through sustained guidance and coaching that will ultimately lead to financial freedom, making it possible for people to live a more plentiful life.

To help people discover their true earning potential and counsel on the means to amass wealth through a multi-disciplinary approach and personalized coaching and mentoring sessions.