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Hitesh Porwal

Executive Coach | Wealth Coach

14 January2019

Me: Why earning wealth is so difficult? A lot of people are honest and hardworking but are still unable to earn wealth. What is the point of all that pain and suffering?

God: Of all the living and non-living beings, humans are the most powerful. Humans have been bestowed with the power to control anything and everything on earth including wealth. Yet, if humans are still playing the victim card and feeling ill-equipped, it is their own created problem and not anyone else’s.

 Me: I don’t quite understand. What makes you feel that humans are the most powerful creatures on earth? If they had been, most of them wouldn’t be poor and unhappy. In fact, most of the other living organisms seem to be happier and more content in their lives than humans.

God: What is the difference between a stone, a tree, a spider, an elephant and a human?

Me: I am not sure what this question has to do with our discussion on wealth but if I have to respond to your question, it is ability to move i.e. motion that differentiates them all. A rock has zero motion. Trees can swing to some degree fixated on their position but surely cannot move. Animals are much more mobile than trees but have limitations. But humans have no limitations. They can go anywhere on earth and can even explore the universe at their fancy.

God: What you call motion is available in plenty to each one of them including a rock. Each atom, irrespective of whether that atom constitutes a rock or a tree or a human being, is in a state of physical motion. If you look at the discoveries of your quantum scientists, they all have confirmed that every matter, whether living or non-living is made up of cells. A cell is made of molecules and a molecule is made up of atoms. An atom is made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons. Each atom has electrons moving around the nucleus at an unimaginable speed at all times. Though this motion may not be visible to the naked eye but it is still motion. So motion clearly can’t be used to differentiate between them.

Me: Then what according to you is the difference?

God: The key difference is the level of intelligence or the power of thought. Unlike water, steam may not be visible, but it is more powerful than water. Similarly, thoughts are not visible, but they are much more powerful than the crude substance we call matter. Humans don’t realize they have the power of thought. A person who is aware of the knowledge of ‘power of thought’, will not only be able to control all other forms of life like the stone, a tree, lions or elephants, but also fellow humans who are oblivious of this knowledge.

Me: Yes, I am aware of the phrase “power of thought,” but that doesn’t create physical objects or for that matter wealth. So what is the use of power of thought in wealth creation?

God: Just like every matter is made up of atoms and energy, your thoughts are also made up of atoms and energy. Just like the electrons and energy in a plant cell is not visible to the naked eye, the atoms and energy of your thoughts is also not visible to the naked eye. The non- visibility of anything doesn’t prove its non-existence. Oxygen around you is not visible to you, but that doesn’t mean that it is not there. Take another instance, a seed has the energy to turn into a full-grown tree but that potential energy within the seed cannot be seen or discerned by material analysis. It is only when the seed becomes a tree that the energy of the seed is materially visible. This principle in fact can be applied to a lot of things which operate on a deeper level than what is visible to the naked eye. Your eyes are capable of seeing less than one percent of what is going on in the universe at any given point. The growth of everything begins at the level of atoms and energy, and only when they cross a certain threshold of growth are they visible to the naked eye. This is how it works and it works consistently for everyone and everything.

Me: Are you saying that the first step to acquirement of wealth is a thought?
God: Absolutely. Thought is the seed that you sow and the part that is visible to the naked eye is the wealth that you have acquired therewith. Not only for acquirement of wealth, it is the starting point of everything, including your body. This is how all the laws of universe work. In fact, this is the only way it could work else there will be a big chaos.

Me: But where does the thought come from?

God: Humans have been blessed with a brain that can generate thoughts which can control not only their body but also helps them have material gains, including wealth.

Me: If I want to use my mind for wealth creation, can you walk me through the steps involved in doing so? It still appears vague to me.

 God: The source of all growth stems from desire and your imagination is the mother of your desire. Have you felt your desires inclined towards the direction of wealth, happiness and freedom?

Me: Yes, my desires always aspire to grow more, be happy more and acquire more wealth.

God: Having faith in the desire born out of your imagination is the beginning of the creative process. This stage is similar to the seed stage in the growth of a plant. Its only energy and atoms at this stage which are clearly not visible to you; but once you desire something you have created a prototype using your thoughts. Physical science confirms that the action of mind plants the nucleus, which if allowed to grow undisturbed, will eventually draw to itself all the conditions necessary for its manifestation in the outward visible form.

 Me: Everyone desires wealth but not everyone gets to see it in the material form. Why is that so?

God: There are two barriers. The first and the biggest barrier is your doubt. Your doubt strangles your imagination and thereby prevents the expression of creative resources lying latent in you, just as the tree lies latent in a seed unless sowed. Your thoughts have the privilege to either crush your desire or to believe in it. This might happen when your thoughts find your desires to be too good to be true and hence crush it. To prevent this you need to have trust in your desires by putting in every particle of faith possible. The difference between trusting your fears and trusting your desires is the difference between poverty and wealth.
Second, you often don’t demonstrate the patience required for the results to manifest. You focus too much on your current observed reality than on what is going to manifest in future. You keep on concentrating on the lack and scarcity of it because that is what you observe in your current life. At times, in your haste to get the results you also employ wrong methods which eventually kill the seed. The result in either case is the same i.e. you end up creating a fresh prototype of an opposite character to your desire, which therefore nullifies the one first formed, destroys it, and expropriates its place.

Me: Are you sure it is that simple?

God: Yes. It is on this law that the entire universe runs. It has to be simple for every matter whether living or non-living to use it. It is the humans themselves who have complicated things.

Me: Can you elaborate how humans have made it unnecessarily complicated?

God: Most humans have deeply ingrained beliefs that have been ruling them for centuries. These beliefs are based on fear, self-doubt, scarcity, lack, and numerous false beliefs about acquirement of wealth. Your thoughts seldom question these beliefs and worse still harbors them.
I hope a time comes when your thoughts start discarding these old beliefs and start conquering your unfounded fears leading your thoughts to become creative. Once you achieve creativity, your desires, which you yourself acknowledged craves for growth, will have its way. After getting rid of this hindrance, your thoughts will channel your desires with utmost keenness and conviction which further your nerve endings will communicate to the blood vessels and ultimately it reaches every atom of your body. Since an atom is an energy field, it will pass on the message to all associated atoms in the universe and thus begins the process of physical manifestation of material things you desire. Perpetual vigilance against limiting beliefs is the price of wealth creation.
Me: Anything else that you believe I should know about wealth creation?

God: Amongst all matters, living and non- living, humans are the only ones who have personified me and beg things from me. In fact, an honest analysis of past and present will reveal that no one was a beggar before man came into the existence and this is how it was supposed to be. You are entitled to the wealth that you desire. Begging for it is not an option, and from me is further obnoxious. I am not what you perceive me to be. I am an energy field like the rest of you. In fact, I am a part of you. Let me tell you, I am YOU.