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Hitesh Porwal

Certified Executive Coach

29 April2019

The corporate sector in the country has long been a bustling one, contributing a lion’s share to the GDP. Amid the dynamics, there is, however, a dearth in expert guidance that is available to new entrants and existing employees who are trying to make a mark professionally.

What does this lead to? Wrong career choices, dissatisfaction, demotivation and passive unrest – a perfect cocktail for sluggish performance at work and eventually, compromised productivity and happiness.

In fact, if findings from a recent survey is anything to go by, one out of every 5 corporate employees in India report workplace depression, to their healthcare providers. Moreover, this figure has been corroborated by some of the leading healthcare institutions of the country. While reasons for such downward spiral may vary, one of them that particularly stand out is the discontinuity between expected job roles (that were actually promised to the respondent employees) and what they actually had to do at work.

Along with the individual, the one bearing the brunt, more often than not, is the organization.

Salaried professionals have another problem to deal with – a lack of expert guidance and a trusted knowledge centre to fall back on in times of need. Mostly, advice and help come in from close familial quarters – be it relatives or other well-wishers. While such advice is steeped in the best of interests and genuine concern for one, it isn’t necessarily backed by statistics and doesn’t evince success.

See, that is the problem as well. Corporate professionals don’t have a guide – one who is versed in the relevant fields and equipped with the required skill set – to call home. And the resultant lack of expertise propagates fear, anxiety and uncertainty – a troika that often thwarts any progress and poses serious roadblocks to employees’ attempts to seek out a more meaningful career. A career that would eventually sit well with their preference, aptitude and importantly, skill set.

This is exactly where WealthPal – – has come up with an unique idea to leverage Voice User Interface (VUI) to plug this discontinuity that has set in between one’s career choice and his/her skill set and aptitude.

Why are Voice Assistants the new rage?

Wouldn’t it be good to have an assistant by your side who is there at every beck and call of yours, anticipates what you want and is ever ready with corrective actions. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Voice Assistants (powered by VUI) are a reality now, capable of lending a helping hand to scores of people across their fields of work.

Voice Assistants are robust, and their utility across both personal and corporate realms is only expected to increase by the day. Yes, and that’s because technological advancements have helped AI achieve Godspeed. With Voice Assistants, the key is well, VOICE. Simply put, it is a digital assistant that leverages speech synthesis, voice recognition and natural language processing (NLP – again, courtesy AI!) in order to deliver superior quality services via a particular application.

According to a report by market intelligence firm Tractica, users of virtual and voice assistants globally would grow exponentially from around 390 million by 2015 to as many as 1.8 billion by the end of 2021.

WealthPal realized the gap in the availability of personalized coaching and decided to take user experience to the next orbit.

Partnered by tech giants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, WealthPal has launched set of ‘skills’ with the highest standards of precision and accurate analytics with the sole objective of offering fresh graduates and employees a look-in into their strengths and interests and helping them choose the right career or make a seamless switch to a new career should they feel the need to.

As of date, there are 2 skills already live for users in India and US.

1.      Business Coach – this skill enables users to decide if their natural talents and interests are suitable for Job or for Business
2.      Career Coach – this skill focuses on MBA aspirates who are confused in choosing between Finance and Marketing as a career option


And that is not where WealthPal intends to stop either, being in constant touch with industry leaders and trying to work out separate modules that could be of help to the masses. What underscores the significance of these skills? The fact that you can use it to better your shot at upping your game professionally, absolutely free of cost. If you have the Alexa device, great. Else you can also activate it on your mobile. All you need to do is:

• Download the app ‘Amazon Alexa’ or ‘Google Assistant’ on your mobile.
• Simply search up any of the 2 skills that you may be interested in i.e. ‘Business Coach’, or ‘Career Coach’ and enable it to begin your session.

Check out a demo in below two videos.


Hitesh Porwal is a Certified Executive Coach based in Mumbai. He specializes in career transition and coaching executives on 'what business they can start, given who they are?'. He achieves that by using his proprietory P2A2 model of one-to-one coaching