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Hitesh Porwal

Certified Executive Coach

16 January2019

Almost everyone wishes to be wealthy. Living a life that is free of any financial constraints is one of the primary goals in one’s life. Yet, even after spending more than 30 years in a job or business, majority of the people in this world are not financially free. Either they are dependent on someone during their old age or they end up carrying debt to their grave. In both cases, they have to compromise on the quality of life they wished for themselves.

Studies show that out of every 100 people, less than 5 are able to achieve financial freedom in their lifetime. Amongst all the possible reasons for this sorry state of affairs, let’s look at the role of ‘desires’ in attaining financial freedom.

‘Core Desire’ is the starting point of all wealth, not a wish, not a hope, not a want. The Richter scale measures the magnitude of an earthquake. Each number on the scale represents an earthquake ten times stronger than the number just beneath it. An earthquake registering a 7 on the Richter scale is ten times more powerful and releases 31.7 times more energy than one registering a 6.

Similar to the Richter scale, there is a Core Desire Scale that measures the intensity of desire to achieve financial freedom. Go through the below statements in the table, and find which one applies to you. Go back to your past and find what statement have you been making to yourself regarding earning wealth.


  Richter Magnitude Scale

  Intensity of Desire


  I fancy wealth


  I wish to earn wealth


  I should earn wealth


  I want to earn wealth


  I have to earn wealth


  I will earn wealth


  I desire to earn wealth (strong positive feeling)


  I have an intense desire to earn INR 5 crores by 2021


Do you see the difference in your feelings and emotions when you make the statement “I wish to earn wealth” vs. “I have an intense desire to earn INR 5 crores by 2021?” Similar to the intensity of an earthquake, each statement on the Core Desire Scale is 10 times more powerful and intense than the previous one, and thereby stands 10 times more chance of achievement.

Can you change your statement to reflect an intensity of 10? Define the wealth number clearly and set a target date. It is necessary to unleash the right level of energy (motivation and creativity) required to earn wealth. Unless you know the target number and the target date, you are simply waiting for an accident which might not happen.

A certified executive coach can help you identify your core desires so that you are working towards your goals with 100% intensity i.e. at a Richter scale of 10!

Hitesh Porwal is a Certified Executive Coach who specializes in transcending one's growth ideas. He achieves that by using his proprietory P2A2 model of one-to-one coaching that focuses on an individual's uniqueness.