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“Research indicates that employees have three prime needs: Interesting work, recognition for doing a good job, and being let in on things that are going on in the company”

Do you think you’re naturally inclined towards business? Or have you been thinking about a career transition of late because of a certain lack of passion in the current job? Unlocking the doorway to that one single passion can lead to increased earnings and wealth, over time.

While a job does guarantee a steady level of income every month, being at one that merely meets your regular expenses but fail to create a buffer income reserve isn’t the best place to be. The math here is simple: for you to make the best of your job and live life to the fullest, your income needs to be in excess of the routine expenditures of the market. Add to that the generally volatile economy, and you will need to create more inroads to increased income by generating opportunities of windfalls and salary spikes.

Succeeding as a corporate employee is a three-pronged matrix.

  • It is crucial to assess the industry you are working in, analyze the growth rate of your organization and consider your team, characteristics of the job and whether they fit your personality, salary level and location – all factors that generally have a great bearing on your performance at work
  • It is important to start saving early, invest and be on the lookout for an ancillary income source, along with managing existing debt and taking a stock of lifestyle related expenses
  • And finally, your attitude, ethics system, beliefs, initiatives and actions
Consider a Triathlon.

And imagine that you are going to participate in the Triathlon – one of the more gruelling multi-discipline sports consisting of swimming, running and cycling. A sport that is bound to be the litmus test for your stamina, physical shape and most importantly, your mental fortitude – participating in the Triathlon and succeeding in the event cannot be an overnight phenomenon.

It happens gradually, and for that, the first thing you’d want to get yourself is a coach; A career transition coach who can hand-hold you through the practice sessions, train you till you think you’re ready to take the monster sporting event head on, and finally, enable you – both in body and mind – to achieve success.

So the point here is that if you would want to get yourself a career transition coach to succeed in the Triathlon, why not one to help you ace the biggest event of all -- your life?

According to stats, the service sector in India is the backbone of the country’s economy, contributing as much as 53% of the GDP. And for all the professionals trying to leave an indelible mark in their respective occupations, it is rather surprising that there seems to be a dearth in expert guidance – one that can help professionals and corporate employees discover their fullest potential.

If a Times Jobs survey conducted among a sample size of 1100 working professionals is anything to go by, as many as 8 out of 10 professionals feel dissatisfied with their current jobs. And reasons for such mass dissatisfaction are aplenty – ranging from scanty opportunities for growth to lack of recognition at the workplace –factors that are instrumental in demotivation sneaking up on employees. Most importantly, the resultant demotivation and apathy towards work, in general, mar productivity and erode the organization’s top-line as well.

That being said, the root problem lurks somewhere beneath what appears to be on the surface. The real issue here is that almost all of these professionals have nobody to turn to in the hour of need. They find it difficult to bank on an expert, for the simple reason that there probably is no expert to help them tide over such dissatisfaction and demotivation.

Of course, one could argue that one’s parents, friends or relatives are viable sources to seek out guidance. However, the fact is no matter how invaluable their advice seems to be, they aren’t really experts in the field of personalized coaching. The advice coming from such close quarters is usually steeped in love, rather than logic; advice that stems from affection and concern, rather than expertise, knowledge and knowhow.

And this is where WealthPal assumes relevance and significance. A pioneer in career transition coaching, WealthPal – helmed by Hitesh Porwal – specializes in providing personalized coaching to corporate employees and businessmen. Despite having spent a considerable amount of time in their respective careers, these salaried employees and business professionals might still be trailing behind, having failed to seek out success and fulfilment, in terms of career and job satisfaction.

The key advantage of personalized coaching is that it helps people identify the probable blind spots that may be preventing them from reaching the pinnacle of success, achieve wealth and enjoy financial freedom.

So what does WealthPal actually do? The answer is simple – exactly what a Career Transition Coach should do:

  • Help you get clarity on why you are dissatisfied with your current job – zero in on the exact reason so that you know what could be going wrong
  • Guide you and provide personalized coaching to help you identify all blind spots
  • Identify your true passions which could be converted into new career opportunities
  • Help you choose an alternative career, one that complements your passion, skill set and aptitude
  • Help you develop an actionable plan and carve out practicable steps so that you can reach closer to what you want
  • Hand-hold you through the process of amassing wealth and enjoying absolute financial freedom at the end of it

Come to think of it, WealthPal is the new, modern-day GPS system that can help you reach your destination on time and cash in on the trove of opportunities that life throws at you.

Intent on positively impacting a million lives by 2021, WealthPal is your one-stop destination for all your personalized coaching needs. With guidance that is steeped in updated experience, insights and knowhow of the corporate and business realm, you can leverage WealthPal to put both feet on the accelerator and reach your desired wealth goals well in time.

Career Transition Coaching in India has been the missing link between the proliferation of corporate opportunities over the past two decades and opportunities for professionals to transit into new careers for job enrichment.

WealthPal is a pioneer in providing career transition coach in Mumbai and career transition coach in India. In WealthPal’s experience, the profile of clients seeking career transition coaching ranges across industry with primary interest coming from sales and marketing, HR, small business owners, information technology, banking, teachers and professors, air force and merchant navy professionals who are planning to start a second innings in their career and the like. The industry that surprised WealthPal the most was the interest shown by professionals working in HR and Education industry.

The two primary reasons for seeking career transition coaching noticed were not surprisingly lack of job satisfaction and uncertainty around achieving financial freedom. Most of the clients were either confused or blank on alternative career opportunities as they had never gone through an in-depth inquiry by a certified transition coach in Mumbai (WealthPal spends at least 2.5 hours in its first coaching session inquiring various aspects of career with its clients).

For most of WealthPal’s clients, career transition coaching not only provided clarity on where they could invest their time and effort to get the maximum results, but also proved to be transformative as they were able to discover new possibilities and new potential in taking on career challenges with confidence.   

Your personalized coaching session

Your personalized coaching session (90-120 minutes) with the help of a scientific tool kit, will focus on covering the following points and beyond, with primary focus being on amassing wealth through your job.

  • E-1    I want to discover my passion that will get me maximum success and wealth
  • E-2    If I am thinking of a career transition; would like to know if this is the ‘right time’ to change
  • E-3    I want to find if my natural talents are suitable for a business rather than for a job
  • E-4    I want to find how fit I am for investing in stock markets
  • E-5    I want to know if I am following the 5 Laws of Compensation which determine my earnings and wealth
  • E-6    I want to identify any hidden abundance blocks that may be preventing me from earning wealth; and understand how to remove those blocks
  • E-7    I want to find the exact wealth number (in terms of INR or $) that will make me achieve financial freedom
  • E-8    Using a scientific test, I want to find if I am really satisfied with my current job
  • E-9    I want to evaluate each of my current expenses on the scale of fulfillment; so that I know how much I should be saving vis-à-vis spending

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